Velev Trade – Week #12 – 100% ITM NFP + Solid Group WinRate of 80.6%

Velev Trade – Rate of Week #12 – 80.6% ACCURACY!

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We are back to TOP-WORLD CLASS Performance. This week our group produced 80.6% success rate and 100% accurate Non-farm payroll live trading. The most important thing here is again, that everyone managed to make some money with us, all depending on their balances.

The NFP in June was remarkably solid. The negative news was in relation with the overall EU Zone up-trend and in combination those 2 events produced massive GOLD Up-spike, which we all managed to take advantage from. Here you can see some NFP cut scenes:

Velev stats: 19 WINS 3 Losses = 86.3% Success rate. Such performance cannot be seen every week but this week in combination with the 100% ITM rate NFP Ventsislav really nailed the markets!

Ivelina: she applied her conservative strategy this week due to the many news and holidays making the markets crazy. Overall she posted 8 signals 6 of them wins 2 loses, which gave us a solid performance of 75% success!

Conclusion: TOP LEVEL PERFORMANCE! 80.6% Success rate + 100% accurate NFP Live Webinar trading! 

The outcome of every trading suggestion can be verified as they are all recorded on the group Facebook wall.

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Week #12 TOP Level Performance - 80.6%

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