Velev Trade Week #26 Trading History Report – 74% Success Rate!

Velev Trade –  Week #26 – Balances Growing.

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Velev Trade Starting September pretty okay!

Velev:  11 Wins and 4 loses, providing for his members an accuracy of 73.3%!

Lungi Mhlongo: Stocks are kind this week, 20 ITM’s and 7 OTM’s giving him Win-Rate of 74.0%!

Famous Iyeye: Average week for Iyeye, 23 Wins and 9 Loses, producing 71.89% success rate for velevtrade.

Xu: Did not disappointed this week. 30 total signals executed, 24 of them in the wining zone and only 6 red once. Deshun’s first week of September bring to the group 80% Success rate!


Conclusion: 74.79% Winning signals for the first week of September inside!

The outcome of every trading suggestion can be verified as they are all recorded on the group Facebook wall.

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Week #26 - 74.8%

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