Velev Trade Week #30 – Supreme Performance of 85% ITM-Rate

Velev Trade –  Week #30 Supreme!

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October started very well for Velev trade, and you can see why from the performance results. In addition last week there was 4 trading webinars and 1 educational one. All live! This is something that Velev announced and its gonna become regular in Velev trade. Till this moment live webinars where hosted only by Ventsislav. From October he decided to do it regular and all trading-admins will be hosting live-trading webinars on daily basis!

Velev:  8 Signals 8 Wins = 100% Success!

Xu: 17 Wins 7 Loss – 70.83% Success

Famous Iyeye: Vacation!

Hanzlik – Vacation!

Conclusion: Beginning of October – 85.4% combined performance of velevtrade!

The outcome of every trading suggestion can be verified as they are all recorded on the group Facebook wall.

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Week #30 - 85%

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