Velev Trading Group Results – Week #4 76% ITM!

Results – Week #4

After 3 amazing weeks, a tough week follows. The group performance combined output 76% accuracy  but we consider this as solid drop since we get used to those 80%+ results. The markets where really chaotic, and if you research the social media you can see that many of the good traders actually experienced lower results between 3 – 7 of April. First week of this month including the NFP where terrible experience for many day-investors. Consistent breakouts of every trend, consolidating or even pattern formation.

However, lets recap our two traders. Ventsislav posted like usual around 60 signals, but this time he experienced little bit lower success. 33 wins and 16 loses, bringing 67% success rate. In general, the traders following him made some money but considering the previous week, we have a drop in the performance. Anyway, whats really important here is that we ended up with money in our pockets.

Ivelina however, managed to keep her outstanding performance true the week once again. Her end result is 84.5%, coming from 11 ITM’s and 2 OTM’s. Actually she is the reason this week the performance is 76%.

Conclusion: Lower Accuracy but still in GREEN! 

The outcome of every trading suggestion can be verified as they are all recorded on the group Facebook wall.

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