Performance – Week #22 – August seems to be Very Lucrative!!!

Velev Trade –  Week #22 – Performance = OUTSTANDING!

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Velev Trade grows and performs like a monster! We cannot say black to the white. The community just keep deliver good results.

Velev: Vacation

Lungi Mhlongo: Our new Stock Trader just nailed it in his first week. 21 ITM and only 6 OTM = 77.7%! That’s crazy good, considering he is trading only stocks! He is super easy to follow as he is trading longer expiry rates and he is warning the traders once the price approaches his target.

Famous Iyeye: Come back after his vacation pretty strong! He nailed 29 ITM’s with only 9 OTM, providing for the group 76.3% Win-Rate!

Xu: Well, Xu is from another planet. We speak about full time trader who is trading all 3 session everyday. Starting with ASIA, then UK and Finishing his day with USA. Last week he destroyed the markets. 20 signals posted – 18 ITM only 2 OTM, providing the members of VelevTrade with 90% ACCURACY! 

Conclusion: 81.3% SUCCESS RATE combined! 

The outcome of every trading suggestion can be verified as they are all recorded on the group Facebook wall.

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