Results – Week #14 – 70.8% Success! Performed Again in the 70%+ Area.

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The goal behind this educational group is to educate people and convert them in day-traders. The additional goal of the group is to give signal suggestions and those signal suggestions to stay above 70%. So far, they are doing an amazing job and  you can see all the stats.

Velev’s stats: As usual he is posting around 50 signal suggestions. This week there were around 20 No-action signals and 28 trad able. 21 of those signals are In the money and 7 out of the money. Giving this trader a stats of 75% success rate.

Ivelina had one bad day, which ruined her stats: 8 ITM 4 OTM this week and 66.66% success rate.

Conclusion: This week the group managed to stay above the target performing with 70.8% success rate.

The outcome of every trading suggestion can be verified as they are all recorded on the group Facebook wall.

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Week #14 - Success Rate: 70.8%

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