Results – Week #15 – 75.4% ITM-Rate! – SOLID WORK – 75.4% WIN-RATE

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Pretty damn solid week. Velev and Ivelina managed to pull out mirror 75% success rate and that of course transfers into a lot of money. The community looks more and more stable and consistend into their performance, as you can see 15 weeks already past and their rates keep stay into the green zone!

Ventsislav: 22 ITMS 7 OTM – 75.86%, in addition to that he mentioned that he experienced more then 20 NA’s which end ITM but his safe SR’s where causing some trouble during the week and most of the signals ended up un-followed by the members!

Ivelina: pretty stable also, 8 signals 6 itm 2 otm 75% success rate!


Conclusion: Amazing week inside our Facebook trading community – 75.4%.

The outcome of every trading suggestion can be verified as they are all recorded on the group Facebook wall.

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Week #15 - 75% SOLID!

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