Verified Trader Scam or Promising? Software Review!

Verified Trader Scam or Reliable Trading Tool?

Read this transparent review before you deposit money inside this auto-trader.

The Verified Trader is fairly old auto-trading service, providing its users with easy access on the financial markets. Officially presented by Simon Roper and Frank Hitchen, the service promises daily profits starting from $600. Allegedly, this software is the free ticked to financial freedom!

Is all this possible? Can really verified trader software become the holy grail of trading? Those are the questions we`ll aim to answer in this honest review! Be sure to read it because we came across some really dubious details we would like to discuss with you today.

Verified Trader Scam Review! The ugly truth revealed!

the verified trader system

The trading system is available on the free market for quite a long time! This article is forced by our subscribers, since yesterday we received numerous of reports about fraudulent activities coming from In addition, there are several exposure reviews already up and running from other reputed blogs, which can over confirm our words! The reason why we are only now coming up with a review is because the official website was offline till recently. What actually happened is that back in 2015 when the system was revealed as scam, the creators dropped the website. Recently, its live again, hunting for new victims, but overall everything inside is pretty much the same!

Now let’s get back to our debunking part! We`ll cover few very suspicious topics!

How The Verified Trader Software Works?

According to the information exposed, we are dealing with a sophisticated algorithm. Intentionally or not the presenters do not reveal and inside information on how this system really works. In addition, they spend more time to tell us how the interface is easy to use! And how they offer to their members both functions; manual and auto-trading. Not letting your future investors know how your software works, is obviously a suspicious activity!

Who are the individual involved with!

We have two names, Simon Roper described as head developer of verified trader system. A fake identity hidden behind voice over acting, clearly not knowing anything about the financial industry. He even says that trading is 24 hours a day 7 days a week, which reveals him as paid actor. No real trader will make such mistake saying that you can trade during the weekends!! All financial, stock and any kind of online exchanges are closed during the weekends!

Frank Hitchen is the second guys, who’s actually the CEO of the company. Allegedly, the guy is graduated ad masters in Artificial Intelligence computer science from the Stanford University. Since the University offers a history to its students, we checked the claim. We found out that there is no such student graduated in 2006! Seems like we have two fabricated identities, hidden behind voice over acting!

Are really the results from the Verified Trader Software Verified?

At the start of the video, the voice over narrator assures us that this software is nothing we have ever seen before. Because, all of the results made by the auto-trading bot are verified by third party global trading institution.

We made in-depth investigation regarding that mater, and we found that the third party website really exist. We talk about, but this is not a real third party authority. We talk about completely fabricated and unreal website, probably associated with the scam artists behind the Verified Trader Software. We won’t get into detailed exposure regarding the phony “authority” but just take a look at the “the Board” section. All the people you see as managers of are stock models. That’s enough to put this authority into the untrusted field! For further details, you can email us, and we will send you solid evidence backing up our words.

Are the estimated profits realistic?

Allegedly, the service will provide you with daily income starting from $600 and going up to $4000. All this starting with only $250, is it possible? The answer is categorical – NO! It’s not possible! Initial investment of $250 and a legit trading system like Copy Buffett for example, can provide you with $50 – $100 profits, but not more. Of course higher trading budgets can make more but, it involves additional risk as well.

Are the testimonials real and are there any real endorsements regarding the verified trader system?

No, the two testimonials you notice at the end of the presentation video are made by paid actors hired from online marketplace called You can simply expose them by visiting and writing the word “testimonials” into the search box. Like 99% of the scam operations who build fake positive environment around them are using actors from that marketplace. It’s good to research there before you end up lied by paid actors.

In addition, we can strongly state that there are zero endorsements coming from real industry authorities. That fact just backs up our tease that this system is just a fraud operation.

Verified Trader Scam Review! The Conclusion!

Beyond any doubt we are dealing with scam investment application! A combination of several scam elements are proving our statement. Fake identities, unrealistic profits and lots of misleading content. We advise you to stay away from this trading system unless you want to lose your money!

Review Verdict: Verified Trader Software is a SCAM! Be sure to avoid the bogus

Binary Options is lucrative field but make sure to stay away from too good to be true offer! For safer alternatives to the verified trader system, we invite you to visit our Top Recommended Binary Services! All of the software solutions you`ll find there are tested and endorsed by many day-traders all around the globe! Of course keep in mind that they won’t make you a millionaire overnight but surely they can add a nice income to your monthly payouts!

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