Wall Street Focus Group Scam? Real Cobra5 Trading Software Review!

Wall Street Focus Group Scam or Trusted?

Read this investigation review before you jump into the water!

Official Website: wallstreetfocusgroup.com

Wall Street Focus Group is new venture represented by David Lombardi. Allegedly he is hired to gather people who are whiling to join and test a new version of the Cobra5 Trading Software.

The Cobra5 Trading Software uses binary options instrument. And allows investors with all type of experience level to reach the online markets.

We investigated the whole presentation in search of confirmation regarding the whole storyline, but the results are not in favor of wallstreetfocusgroup.com. Our research managed to came across of many conflicting facts and shady details. That’s why it’s very important to read this article before you decide to join for this venture.

wall street focus group scam review

All you need to know about the Cobra5 Trading Software!

First, we find it very suspicious that the two presenters David Lombardi and Jimmy Russo skip to explain how the algorithm behind this service works. Well, they stat that this trading system is result of 10 years’ development coding and analysis of the top Nasdaq analysts. Moreover, the two individuals even make allegations that Nasdaq is not only associated but behind the Cobra5 Trading software and whole this Wall Street Focus Group!

Now, even a kid can recognize the deception here.

  • The presentation videos are usually used to explain and represent a service. At least that is how we understand those things. If the video repeated from the general idea, and skip to explain such important matter. We take this as big red flag.
  • Everyone can check Nasdaq.com and research for the Cobra5 trading software. The result is one-sided. The index is obviously not connected with this service.

cobra5 scam review

Who is David Lombardi?

An individual who claims to be behind other presentation projects, some of them very famous as he mentions: Snickers, Pokémon Go, etc. We researched the search engine for some proof but we failed to associate this person with any of the above displayed companies.

Based on the information exposed, all investors can decide for themselves if they want to trust this basically “nobody”.

Who is Jimmy Russo?

This is the second presenter, who aims to create positive environment around this product. He is described as Nasdaq Markets employee and also, their top market analyst. Also, he seems to be the leading manager behind this current speculation.
Curious, then why we cannot find him on google or inside Nasdaq.com, or actually we cannot find anything related to this name besides the posts related to wallstreetfocusgroup.com. It’s just like red flag after redflag…

cobra5 scam review

Furthermore, we do not see any of the so called “Top Wall Street Analysts”!

What the Wall Street Focus Group Promises?

We`ll just go over few of the statements and immediately debunk them, in order to bring some transparency for the people who wonder.

The initial promises made by this offer are:

  1. There are only 75 spots available? No, there are no spot limitations with this service. Everyone can sign if the service is available for their country. This is just a pushing into registration trick. Offer scammers use this approach, clearly they want to attract people fast before the truth is revealed.
  2. After 3 months, this service will worth $997/month per license? We, cannot say if this is going to happen on 100%! Obviously if, its good service it might happen but since it’s a scam we assume this is another pushing plot.
  3. You`ll be able to make between $381 – $796 per day, with this investment app? There is no proof of that fact, continue reading we will discuss this furthermore.
  4. Cobra5 Trading Software has 84% success rate? Similar to the previous claim, there is no proof but we need to trust the presenter. And we already know that those presenters are most-likely paid actors!

Endorsements and Testimonials!

Very interesting topic, for us probably the most important once. As there is nothing more honest than the real day-trader’s opinion.

We would like to warn you about the inside testimonials. All the people who appear and claim to be part of the first beta testing group and so on are paid actors. Well, we cannot proof that on 100% but there are few facts that actually proof that.

  1. No one has ever heard of them. The trading society has never heard of those individuals or their success stories.
  2. The official domain wallstreetfocusgroup.com is registered on 21.09.2016. How those people are able to use that software before that date? Moreover, as we said for us this is new service, and we have never heard of “summer initial alpha group”! Furthermore, this even debunks the claims about the estimated profits and accuracy.

wall street focus group scam review

Regarding the outside endorsements, the situation is very bad.  We made vast social media and search engine research. All we managed to come across are negative reviews and bad feedback.

Basically, it’s simple, if the service is not endorsed by the trading community it’s obviously a fraud!

Wall Street Focus Group Review – The Conclusion!

We believe that Cobra5 Trading Software and whole this beta testing project is very shady. Within wallstreetfocusgroup.com, there are numerous false statements made. That’s why we believe that further engagement with this service will not end well for your personal budget. Folks, you cannot ignore the fact that those people do not exist and whole this project is very misleading.

Review Verdict: Cobra5 Trading Software is a SCAM! Beware and avoid wallstreetfocusgroup.com their fictitious Wall Street Focus Group!

Binary Options are very lucrative field. Unfortunately, due to the high demand there are many crooks who are stalking for your capital. That’s why you have to be careful in your decision making and always rely on good reputed services. For safer alternatives, you can check our Top Recommended Trading Systems. They are all 100% endorsed by the whole community and tested true the test of time!

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wall street focus group scam review

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3 thoughts on “Wall Street Focus Group Scam? Real Cobra5 Trading Software Review!

  1. Thank you so much for the information about this scammers. I am so fed up and tired from crooks. In binary options trading they are everywhere, waiting to hunt you. Swindlers are so inventive and so elegant they carried away in their schemes, so a slight oversight of things can cost you dearly.
    Thank’s for the Binary options spot site. For me is very helpful.

  2. I almost got fall in the clutches of these crooks. Thank’s to one of my friend who is dealing with binary options on long time, i save it a lot of troubles.
    He told me about your site and that you are revealing the fraudsters, by giving to readers unbiased point of view. The fact that you are enjoy to a good reputation made me to rethink where to invest my money and who to trust.
    I am great-full that you are here!!!

  3. Hello, Binary options spot
    For me this is a pure sign of scam. If that software were so reliable why anyone in binary options trading has never heard of them and about these guys? And that trick with spots, i am completely agree whit your opinion in the article, that is a pushing act of registrations.
    A kind, you see don’t miss many winning Cobra 5 bid.
    Generally the amounts indicated in the video are possible as gains. But i want to know how much money i have to risk to reach them. In that presentation this questions stay close.
    Thank’s for the revealing

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