Wall Street Trading Software Review! Avoid this Lame SCAM!

Wall Street Trading Software Scam or Legit?

Read this article before you decide to jump from that bridge!


Wall Street Trading Software is an auto-trading and signal solution! The service is fairly new and the presentation video promises the new investors $100 per hour profits.

We received few warnings about this service, so we decided to take a look! Our in-depth investigation came across some interesting details, which we would like to share with you!

Essentially no one can guarantee anything when we speak for the financial world, but we ca make one promise which we can keep! After you read this review you`ll close wallstreettradingsoftware.com forever.

Wall Street Trading Software Review! The hidden truth!

Take a closer look, and remember how this presentation page looks. You are looking at extremely cheap scam!

The presentation video and the quality information exposed onto the web-page are farm from realistic. Notice how they are skipping to provide any information regarding the people involved, companies, names nor they provide any third party verification. We`ll go over few of the dubious topics now, and provide you with examples why you should not trust this system!

wall street trading software scam review

How the software is working?

Allegedly the system offers to all members two types of trading. Fully automated feature, described as “set and forget” and manual signals! The algorithm is purely based on science of the market trends.

Basically that’s the so called “intelligent” information, which aims to provide all the investors with transparent information about the algorithms!

For those who have some trading expectance you already know that this is BS, and the service is a scam. Anyway, for the newcomers, we`ll say that such information is unexcitable. If this was a legit trading system, the creators will share information about their strategies or ways of trading. Saying “we are trading trends” is simply not enough!

Estimated profits are they realistic?

No one can guarantee profits when we talk about online trading. The presenter claims 75% accuracy system which is not overextended. But the continuation of the information is strange. He speaks that you can start with $300 and every hour you`ll make $100. Well, with such initial capital and success rate of 75%, you won’t be able to gain the claimed profits. The worst scenario is that you going to lose your trading account for few hours.

Who are the people associated with this service?

The real creators of the Wall Street Trading Software remain anonymous!

The guy who represent the service, is just a paid actor. This guy participates in many other similar scams. He is always in the same agenda – talking nonsense behind green screen! Last scam exposed with him is called Cash Improve, check it out if you have the time! Moreover, you can also visit, fiverr.com, this is an online marketplace where you can hire such actors to do all kinds of jobs for you! The basic gig’s there are only $5, so you can imagine how cheap this scam really is!

Anyone from the industry supports this service?

No, we have made social media research long with search engine one! The only reviews or feedback we came across are negatively oriented! Therefore, we can strongly say that we have another red flag here! If there was even a slight chance for this service to be a good one, there will be at least few positive reviews proving that!

Wall Street Trading Software Review – The Conclusion!

Classical, ugly and cheap money stealing scheme! A sales page, providing its visitors with misleading and over-promising information! The main goal is to attract new comers into registrations with shady brokers who will steal your money! Basics stuff, but if you are new trader you might got tricked always by the crooks, so be careful!

Review verdict: Wall Street Trading Software is a SCAM! Beware and avoid wallstreettradingsoftware.com.

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