Wealth Crew Software is a SCAM! Solid Review with Evidence!

Wealth Crew Software Is a SCAM!

Read this review before you decide to invest money with this system


Wealth Crew Software is new service using the binary options field to operates its dishonest intentions! The system is advertised as copy trading platform but the truth is completely different! We are here to set everything right and bring some transparency here!

Our in-depth investigation manages to dig out countless amounts of dubious content from wealthcrew.co and we will share everything with you here!

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Wealth Crew Scam Review – The whole truth!

Besides all the unrealistic and over-promising statements there are also many lies about identities and endorsements! Furthermore, the claims about how you`ll be able to generate between $7000 and $15000 per week consistently are just out of this world! The service can be easily categorized as too good to be true bogus offer! Let’s start debunking now!

How the filthy service is working?

According to the information exposed from the presenter we talk about Copy Trading APP! The system is not copying just some regular traders its copying the positions of George Soros, Andrew Krieger, etc. Moreover, the system is processing more than 1000 transactions per day! In addition, everything is backed up with 91.2% solid success rate!

  1. Such mega investors and legends like George Soros, are not trading binary options, nor their analysis or traders are available for the wide public, PERIOD!
  2. Even if this shit system called Wealth Crew Scam, was able to copy trades from goo investors, it won’t be able to execute over 1000 trades per day, this is too much! Even if you analyze and post a trade on every asset available into the binary niche you won’t be able to place 1000 trades! Finding 1k high probable setups per day is quite an impossible task!
  3. The success rate is too unrealistic! It’s possible to have few trading sessions with such rate, but if we speak for consistently it’s unreachable!
  4. The service is advertised as copy trading platform! Then why the inside of the system is just like a cheap made auto-trading software? Where are the traders? Everything is very suspicious!

Therefore, there is not even some kind of proof that the service is what the presenter says it is!

Who is Nathan Schmidt – The Founder and CEO of Wealth Crew Corporation!

Maybe he is a decent person, and we can trust in his words blindly? No of course, there is a reason for him being hidden behind voice over acting! The guy who we see at the beginning is just a stock model, we`ll provide you with solid evidence! Therefore, we absolutely cannot trust him!

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Is really Wealth Crew Software the Successor of the Robinhood APP?

No, this is just another lie! The Robinhood APP is created by two young entrepreneurs named Vladimir Tenev and Baiju Bhatt. The information is accessible on the official page Robinhood.com! Obviously there is no connection between those two ventures.

Are the endorsements real?

“Wall Street Journal: This is the biggest financial innovation in 2016” referring to the wealth crew scam! We researched the WSJ.COM guess what? There is nothing written about this bogus application! Snapshot will be provided as proof!

wealth crew scam 3

What about the 13 452 happy members?

What about them? They just do not exist, we checked for those Facebook profiles, they are not real. In addition, we researched the social media for any success stories who can build some reputation for the wealth crew software. Fortunately, or not we failed to find any! Furthermore, there are already many negative reviews available on the search engine, which will back up our words!

Wealth Crew Scam Review – The Conclusion!

A phony corporation, which is supposed to be based in Pale Ales, Californiq. Scam-artist hidden behind cartooned video making bunch of nonsense promises!? In addition, we have missleading content and false endorsements! Basically, this is the describtion of the Wealth Crew Software! We strongly advise you to stay away from this trading solution!

Review Verdict: Wealth Crew Software is a SCAM! Beware and avoid wealthcrew.co!

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