WikiTrader Software Scam or Special Auto-Trader? Unbiased Review!

Wikitrader Scam or Reliable Auto-Trader?

Read this in-depth analysis review, before you take any action!

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Is Kelly Wallace the wonder woman who will make you rich or The Wikitrader Software is another bogus offer? Essentially once you land on, you`ll be dragged into separated reality, the reality of the Kelly Wallace and her organization!

We made very detailed investigation regarding this trading opportunity and we found some troubling information but also some supportive one. With this article, we`ll try to explain everything and also bring some transparency here. We know that for a newcomer such opportunity may look very lucrative but hold on and read this review before you take further decisions!

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Wikitrader Scam Review – All the presentation well-explained!!

Probably one of the most important advice we have given and continue to preach with our reviews is: “Do not trust, too good to be true offers”. This advice can be applied here with full force. The naturally gifted MILF promises that all new investors who decide to join will be able to make $35,000! Moreover, she claims that some of the initial beta testers are already enjoying massive wealth.

Folks, no one will make you millionaire for free – that we can guarantee! An initial investment of $250, can make $35,000 hypothetically, but it will take a lot of time! At least couple of months and that is only in case you are doing well with your trading sessions and you re-invest your previous profits! By the way the minimum amount required to join the Wikitrader Software is $250.

Unrealistic and high-results promising offers are hitting the binary options industry on daily basis! All who are part of this community know about this fact, and they just avoid those misleading offers.

Now lets get into the details:

How the service works?

During the video promotion, we meet the so-called team who’s behind this service. They attempt to explain how the service works but we feel that the explanation is little bit incomplete. That’s why we`ll provide additional transparency! “Wikitrader is open source trading platform. Collaborative editing and restructure by users are making this service extremely accurate. The algorithms do not adapt to the market but they create market!” 

A little bit of flashy explanation, which may not be suitable for the normal user or at least he might not understand it. Now, what this algorithm does exactly? The algorithm scans for traders sentiment and executes trades based on the current trader behavior. Nothing wrong with that many trading systems are using the same method with good enough success! But the Wikitrader software, has even more advanced algorithm, which basically continues to analyse the trades even after they are executed. That feature allows the system to monitor your trade and even warn you if the trader sentiment changes in the meanwhile. Such information can lower the losing trades as you can apply Fence Trading Strategy and eventually save them. Of course the option does not guarantee anything but its a good addition, to the algorithm!

Moreover, the programmers represent the system as self-learning algorithm, and they give example with Artificial Intelligence. Well, this is just a metaphoric expression since artificial intelligence technologies are not yet successfully integrated with any online algorithms!, wikitrader scam review,

Accuracy and Estimated Profits?

The announced profits are not guaranteed but they are just a suggestions. It’s important to know that all potential profits or loses are determined by your capital, money management strategy and your success rate. The combination of those three can forecast potential benefits but nothing is certain since we talk about online trading, where things may change quickly!

Who is Kelly Wallace and can we trust her?

Usually when we speak about investing or overall the online markets everybody imagines that it’s a man work only. That’s why when we see a female, we feel like this might be a different. In this case, we do not have anything different but just the regular money stealing scheme represented by a woman! We don’t know anything about her. The search engines are silent and no one can say if this lady is saying the truth. So, we advice that you don’t take any decision based on her word only!

Inside Testimonials?

The whole website is covered by photos of people who claim to be making staggering profits with the Wikitrader Software. Furthermore, they claim to be banking those sums before 13.09.2016. Why this date is so specific? Because that’s the official bight date of the domain Meaning that using this trading system before that date is impossible. This topic is little bogus as the system creators are trying to create positive environment around this service. Some legit systems also use such approach do to the high competition, but we still do not like or approve the method.

Outside Endorsements?

On first sight our decision was to black-list this trading service because it’s looking too flashy and luxurious. However, this topic convinced us to re-consider our initial decision. There is massive amount of endorsements in support of this trading app. In addition to the many positive reviews, we have big amount of day-trader endorsements. Many people claim that they are achieving good results with the Wikitrader Software.

the wikitrader software, wikitrader app, review

Wikitrader Scam Review – The Conclusion!

Forced by the industry opinion we made an registration! Beyond any doubt the service settled at is interesting software and we will decided to create an account and test it. We dont know if we can trust Kelly Wallace but sure we can trust the tens of regular-investors who claim good results!

You can check this review on latter point as we are going to update its with our achieved results. However, based on the good opinion we recommended it as possible money making opportunity!

Review Verdict: The Wikitrader Software Is currently being tested by our team! If you are Interested Check The Official Page!

Binary Options trading is very lucrative! Due to the high demand the field attracts many impostors who will try to steal your money. Knowing that fact you have to be careful and make sure to be using only good reputed help-trading tools! For safer alternatives, we invite you to check our Top-Rated Trading Systems. They are all tested for long period of time before approved and endorsed on 100% by the trading community!

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4 thoughts on “WikiTrader Software Scam or Special Auto-Trader? Unbiased Review!

    1. hi, yes the system is good and it has auto-trading function, there is a link up in the review, you can use it and register for free!

  1. Ich werde nach Anmeldung auf 10Market weiter geleitet. Ist das richtig ??

    I will be forwarded to 10Market after registration. Is that right ??

    1. Well, you will be redirected to your new broker once you register, where you must open account and fund it with some money ion order to start using the wikitrader system. Those money are not a payment but investigation, and you can withdraw them at any point and time. Basically it’s like opening a bank account and funding it with some money. The minimum investment is $250 or Euros depending on your account currency. In case you don’t like the broker you can follow those steps and change it:
      1. Close the page of Wiki Trader in your browser!
      2. Use this link:
      3. Enter your Names and Sign with NEW Email! (one you have not used so far to register with Wiki)
      4. Continue the registration process!

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