The Zen Trader Scam or Trusted? Unbiased Software Review!

Zen Trader Scam or Reliable?

Check our In-depth review, before you sign up with this software.

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Zen Trader Software is new auto-trading system offering financial freedom. Thing is that we are very skeptical about all those too good to be true offers. They all seem to be very misleading and dishonest about their statements.

In this case we have again a trading platform, which uses the binary options instrument to benefit from the online markets! Moreover, they guarantee its members daily profits of $1000, which is suspicious. Simply because no one can predict eventual profits or loses when we talk about the online trading. The financial markets are driven by thousands of factors on daily basis. That’s making them extremely unpredictable.

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Zen Trader Scam Review – All you have missed to see!

In general, when you land on flashy website promising to make you rich for short period of time, you must become very cautious! So far, we have never come across such offer, which delivers good results. Keep in mind that we have investigated hundreds if not thousands of software solutions so far. Based on that huge experience we can conclude that every “too good to be true offer” must be avoided.

How The Zen Trader Software Works?

Based on the information exposed we talk about software, which is supposed to make you rich in exchange of 7% of your profits. There are no further details exposed, which is very fishy. Moreover, skipping to provide transparent information on such important matter is unprofessional.

Estimated Profits, are they realistic?

No, folks do not be fooled here! Initial investment of $250, cannot generate $1000 profits for one day! Moreover, with this trading system you`ll lose your capital. Here we would like to give an example for all people who are not familiar, and do not know what is realistic. We want to explain that if you have such budget and you use good trading application you can make around $100 per day.

Who are the people behind this service?

Another very dubious detail. All the individuals who participate are either hidden / anonymous or fake identities. This fact really drops the reputation of the Zen Trader tremendously. Therefore, we can’t trust to people who do not dare to show their faces or they use phony identities!

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Can we trust the people who testify that this trading system really works? The answer is again No! The people who try to build up positive environment around the Zen Trader should not be trusted. Those people use fake names. The ugly truth is that; they are all paid actors from online marketplace called You can visit the site and make a small research yourself, in addition we`ll just expose one of them as evidence. Anyway the point is that a legit trading-tool will never need to fabricate a good reputation.

the zen trader software

Furthermore, all the testimonials who are represented by photos are additional false credentials. The formula is very lame stock photos attached to names equals testimonial.

Zen Trader Scam Review – The Conclusion!

Quick but sharp and straight to the point exposure review! This software is just a cheap scam aiming to steal your money! We cannot let you register here because the outcome will be disasters for you! Truth is that similar looking trading opportunities are flooding the industry at the moment. Our best option is to ignore them and move on forward.

Review verdict: Zen Trader Software is 100% scam! Beware and Do Avoid any registrations with!

Trading with binary options can be very profitable and many people are using the method to make additional income. Unfortunately, as we mentioned before the industry is flooded by dishonest trading offers. That’s why you have to be careful and make sure to pick always systems with good reputation. For safer alternatives we invite you to check our top Rated Trading Solutions. They are all tested and 100% endorsed by the trading society!

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2 thoughts on “The Zen Trader Scam or Trusted? Unbiased Software Review!

  1. Hey guys, i like your review.
    Thank you about trying to protect us from losses by revealing crooks.
    You can’t expect fair play from thees scammers. This service is a completely fraud. If you don’t want to incur problems and lose money stay away from Zen Trader.
    There are too many unknowns and it is risky to invest your money in that software.

  2. Hey, great review. Very well said and explained.
    In financial markets there is no binary option, where you can invest $250 and gain $1000 dollars for one day, simply because if you want to reach such a results you have to put in to your account not $250 and at about $650 dollars.
    Normally in binary options trading the returns of investment /ROI/, various between 70 – 80 %. That’s way the above mention transaction virtually is unfeasible. Also given a percentage from your profits is not very popular in binary options trading, just because premium and loss in session is known in advance. Rate from your profits you can render to your broker for example.
    And if i may give my advice’s to all of you, present and future traders:
    Don’t let to fell in to a scammers traps, the only reason that they are invent this fake platforms is to steal your money.
    If you want to protect yourselves from looses be informed, knowledge is power.
    Read the articles written by Ventsislav Velev, i do that and i am very pleased. His articles are quite popular and useful.
    Thank you very much, one of your fans.

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