Zeus 2 Scam or Legit? Honest zeus2.co Scam Review!

The Zeus 2 Software Review!

Make sure to spare few minutes to read our investigation review before you invest here.

Official website: zeus2.co

Zeus 2 Trading Software is promising to make you a millionaire for 181 days. The alleged owner Matthew Harrison claims that you`ll be consistently making $5500 per day starting with $250. Moreover, that’s the minimum, which non-experienced investors are enjoying. For advanced traders the results can be even better.

We have serious problems with all those claims folks! That’s why we made in-depth research of all the statements made within zeus2.co. The result was not really surprising for us, we managed to dig out countless dubious details.

the zeus 2 software

The Zeus 2 Scam Review – What you have missed to see?

Let’s go over everything together and decide if the offer sounds realistic!

What the Zeus 2 Software is?

We are dealing with binary options web-based platform offering two types of trading methods; autopilot or manual.

The automated methods offer the investors to set the settings and leave the trading part to the robot. Once the system fulfils the settings chosen by the user it will automatically turn off. Vice versa the manual trading requires the member to open the advised positions directly on his broker.

So far everything sounds pretty solid but unfortunately we`ll ruin everything with the following analysis!

How the algorithm behind the Zeus 2 software works?

The system works exactly like GPS trader and dozens similar bogus offers. Yep, we will immediately associate this service with the GPS trader, which by the way is the first of many mimic proposals! At the end of this article we`ll give few more examples. The whole storyline, approach and everything is similar. The presenter claims how this is no-losing software and how everything is based on superfast data transfer.

  1. In addition, we have statements how every single transaction / trade is monitored by team of experts! But of course we don’t see those so called experts nor the creators share any names, so we can eventually see if those people exist.
  2. The company Zeus Investment owns 100% of the components needed to execute all the transactions. Practically that claim makes them an exchange! Well, they are not an exchange, once you attempt to register you`ll be synced with shady binary options broker. Moreover, they don’t share where their imaginary facilities and offices are settled! Obviously that’s pretty suspicious!
  3. The trading app never loses a trade due to their ZIO counter algorithm! What’s interesting here is how this lose-prevention technology works! According to the information provided by the video the ZIO monitors all trades 1 millisecond before they expire. If, the crawling bot detects even a minor change for a trade to go bad, its opening counter opposite trade. In reality those fence trades cannot be executed like that, and there are several reasons behind our claim here.


3.1 A robot cannot decide such matter for such short period of time.
3.2 Even if, we recognize a losing trade and we want to open trade in the opposite direction it cannot happen because usually the minimum expiry in binary options is 60 second. Meaning that you have to know if your positions are going bad 60 seconds before they expire not one millisecond or whatever.
3.3. Last but not least. In order to guarantee a safe trade, you have to open the opposite trade on your original trade STRIKE RATE with the same amount of money and the same expiry time. If you are unable to fulfil one of the rules you`ll fail and you risk to lose tow trades even!

As you can see things are not as easy as they come from the filthy mouth of Matthew Harrison!

the zeus 2 scam review

By the way who is Matthew Harrison AKA Mr. Midas?

The creator of the Zeus 2 Software claims to be the “real big deal”. He describes himself as famous multi-millionaire who appeared on CNN Business, Bloomberg Squawk, BBC News and other global news sources.

All those words mean nothing because he is just a fictitious character because of few reasons.

  • Obviously the system is a scam!
  • There is no information written on any of those news portals for him!
  • He lies for most almost everything inside zeus2.co!
  • The search engines and social medias are silent about this name, all we managed to dig out is associated with the zeus2.com

Therefore, we cannot trust this individual!

The Zeus 2 Software is created by Motosentinel and it worth over $100 million dollars. Well, again we have non existing organization, who allegedly was hired to create and support the zeus 2 software?

the zeus 2 scam review

Testimonials and endorsements!

Our Zeus 2 scam review continues with the most important topic. A legit trading system will be endorsed by the trading society, let’s see if this one is!

First regarding the testimonials, Mr. Harrison claims that the service has already created few millionaires during the first beta focus group! Everything started back in April 2016. Well, this is all we need to recognize the fraud. The official domain Zeus2.co is registered on 25.10.2016! Basically we talk about brand new trading opportunity and we have a time conflicting statements! Moreover, besides the inside testimonials this service do not enjoy any outside approval.

the zeus 2 scam review

Regarding the endorsements, it’s pretty much the same agenda. No one supports this trading platform because it’s an obvious fraud!

Results? Are they Possible?

No, folks don’t be fooled you cant expect to invest $250 and pull $5500 on the first day. If you believe in this you`ll end up lied, its just impossible! Moreover, the “third-party verified results results” exposed on zeus2.co are fake! Maybe a developers blunder but if you lose a trade you lose your invested amount you are not making any profits, LOL! Furthermore, the average return rates in binary options are around 75%. Estimated return on $500 investment is around $370-$400 US Dollars. Making this track history even more suspicious! Check the snapshot below:

the Zeus 2 software

The Zeus 2 Scam Review – Summary!

Those who are following our blog already know about those tricky services. At this moment we want to encourage you to subscribe to our website and our YouTube Channel! By doing it you guarantee yourself to be one step ahead of those pesky money stealing schemes. We literally expose every single scam out there!

This system does not deserve your time and money. We talk about the same approach in many other scams: Cloud Trader, GPS Trader, Dream Catcher, Dream Profits, Multiplexer, etc. If you eager for deep details, please check some of our older reviews and compare the products. You`ll be amazed how everything is pretty much the same. The crooks behind this just change the actors, the domains and some names and words here and there. The only thing they don’t change is the goal – steal the newcomers’ money!

Review Verdict: The Zeus 2 Software is a SCAM! Beware and avoid any registrations with zeus2.co!

Binary Options Trading can be turned into really good income. Unfortunately, the high demand also drives impostors into the field! Therefore, make sure to always rely on good reputed help-trading tools! For safer alternatives we invite you to check our Top Recommended Trading Solutions! They are all 100% endorsed by the trading community and scam-free!

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2 thoughts on “Zeus 2 Scam or Legit? Honest zeus2.co Scam Review!

  1. Hey, nice review but unfortunately i have found too late guys.
    I was cheated too by this crook Matthew Harrison. Once i registered an account i had invest $250 dollars immediately. I had to stay in touch with the broker, but on the next day he disappeared. Off course i have lost the money.
    All of the promises of wealth, and improving the status of life vanished in the moment i realized that i am screwed up. Where are my $ 5500 dollars a day, not this algorithm was so precise that loss is impossible. Nonsense!!!!!
    They took my money, and i couldn’t do nothing. Dirty lairs.
    Folk don’t waste your time to invest in that bogus Zeus 2 Trading Software. A lot of words for nothing.

  2. I was bitten by these crooks. I had invest $250 dollars, in that software it is seems me reliable.
    But everything it’s turn out a big lie. As soon as i registered an account i come across to some annoying broker who claims that i will be the next millionaire in their platform, i just need to be patient and follow rules. And I, like a last moron caught to that fairy tales. I can’t believe i have lost my money.
    Guys, be cool and avoid this scammers.

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